... How can one define the unfoldment of the soul?

The soul can be likened to the rose; as a rosebud blooms, so the soul unfolds itself.

For the rosebud to bloom five conditions are required: fertile soil, bright sun, water, air, and space;

and the same five things are required for the unfoldment of the soul.

As a fertile soil is required by the rose-bush in order to grow ...


Volume VIIIa - Sufi Teachings von Hazrat Inayat Khan 



In the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan and in the Dances of Universal Peace inspired by Murshid S.A.M., we can find these five occurrences. And in doing so, the dance means this to one and that to the other. A teaching touches me here and you there. Each one of us can discover in his or her own way what is important for the unfolding of one's own soul. 


Perhaps it is also the image of the thousands and thousands of rose petals raining down through the hole in the roof of the Pantheon on Pentecost.


There are many wonderful teachers we can compare with these petals, who have shared their experience, knowledge and atmosphere with us, and some of them are known to us, others not yet.


Rose Petals Touching Ground would like to open a space for those teachers who are rather unknown in our latitudes, where we can meet them and they can meet us.



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Guest teacher:

Due to his personal circumstances, Maitreya Jon Stevens will not be able to help shape the retreat as a teacher this year.

We are very sorry!


At the moment it is us, Khabir, Nele, Rafia, Savina and you, who will fill the rooms of the retreat and who knows, maybe a surprise guest. We have put out feelers internationally and are waiting for feedback.

The Pentecost retreat will definitely take place and we will eat, dance and pray together again.


We look forward to you.

light and blessing

Nele, Savina, Khabir and Rafia


Time Program
07:00-08:00  Early bird session
10:00-12:30 Morning session
  Lunch and break
16:00-18:30 Afternoon session
20:00-22:00 Evening session

Besides the language of our hearts, which is universal, the retreat will be in English with German translation if necessary.

The vision of this retreat is to get to know different, international teachers who are unknown in our latitudes. This teacher will facilitate the majority of the sessions so that we can really dive into his/her energy to “put the book down and experience”. What food does he/she bring with him/her to feed our soul?


Like S.A.M. once said: "It can't be taught, it can only be caught."

However, we would also like to offer space and opportunity to get to know you and your individual treasures.


So we would like to put the program of early bird sessions and 2 afternoon sessions in your hands, the hands of the participants, and look forward to weaving with you what wants to be woven.